CS465: Computer Systems Architecture (Spring 2015)

1 Course Basics

Meeting Time and Location:

Instructor: Dr. Yutao Zhong

Graduate TA: TBA

Course Outcomes:


C or better in CS 367.


Other Useful Resources:

2 Grading

In-class exercises
Final exam


Letter grades will be assigned by subjectively identifying brackets in the numeric scores. In order to obtain an A, your final score should be at least 90. A total score of less than 60 will result in an F.




Discussion board


3 Honor Code

All students are expected to abide by the GMU Honor Code. This policy is rigorously enforced. All class-related assignments are considered individual efforts unless explicitly expressed otherwise (in writing). Cheating on any assignment will be prosecuted and result in a notification of the Honor Committee as outlined in the GMU Honor Code. Sharing, collaboration, or looking at any code or algorithm related to programming assignments that is not your own is considered cheating.

The computer science department has an additional, more restrictive CS Honor Code that you are also subject to. Make sure you read and familiarize yourself with these rules. We use automated software to flag suspicious cases, and then review them by hand to find the cases that must be submitted to the Office of Academic Integrity. The penalty for cheating will always be far worse than a zero grade, to ensure it's not worth taking the chance. Confirmed cases of cheating almost always translate into course failure.

It is your responsibility to lock your computers with a password, to not post your code to websites like Pastebin that are publicly accessible, to guard your USB drives and computers, to not upload your files to someone else's computer, etc. You will be liable for any access gained to your code. Stating that "I don't know how he/she got access to my code", or "I left the room and they stole my code" are not an acceptable excuses in an honor code violation.

4 Learning Disabilities

Students with a learning disability or other condition (documented with GMU's Office of Disability Services) that may impact academic performance should speak with the professor ASAP to discuss appropriate accommodations.