CS 580 - Spring 2015

Intro Artificial Intelligence CRN:11836 CS 580 - 001

Instructor:  Prof. Harry Wechsler wechsler@gmu.edu

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Course Description Principles and methods for knowledge representation, reasoning, problem solving, planning, heuristic search, reasoning, learning, probabilistic reasoning, and natural language processing and their application to building intelligent systems in a variety of domains. LISP, PROLOG, MATLAB, or

expert system programming language.


Prereq: CS 310 and CS 330


Main Topics: Problem Solving, Search, Knowledge and Reasoning, Uncertainty and Probabilistic Reasoning, Learning, and Communication (Perception / Vision and Natural Language Processing). Additional topics time permitting: Data Mining, Deep Learning, and Biometrics.


Time, Day, and Venue: R Thursday, 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm

Innovation Hall 134

Office Hours: R Thursday, 3:15 4:15 pm or by appointment, ENGR 4448.


First day of classes: Thursday, January 22

Spring break: no class on Thursday, March 12

Last day of classes: Thursday, April 30


FINAL Exam: Thursday, May 7, 4:30 7:15 pm

Textbook: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Russell and Norvig (3rd ed.), Prentice Hall, 2010.
Textbook Website: http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu/
Textbook Slides: http://aima.eecs.berkeley.edu/slides-pdf/
Complementary Textbook: ANSI Common LISP, Paul Graham, Prentice Hall, 1995.

Tentative Schedule:


Week1: Introduction to AI (Chap.1) & Intelligent Agents and Problem Solving (Chapter 2) & Philosophical Foundations (Chap. 26) & AI: Present and Future (Chap. 27); AI = Rational Problem Solving {Search, Reasoning, Learning, Communication}; Bayes; LISP


Week2: Uninformed and Informed (Heuristic) Search (Chapters 3 4); MATLAB; Metrics and Performance Evaluation; WHITE PAPER for TERM PROJECT (due February 5)


Week3: Adversarial Search and Game Playing (Chap. 5)


Week4: Constraint Satisfaction (Chap. 6) and Planning (Chap. 10)


Week5: Catch Up and REVIEW for MIDTERM


Week6: MIDTERM (covers Chapters 1 6) (closed books and notes)


Week7: Knowledge and Reasoning (Chapters 7 and 8)


3/12: Spring Break


Week8: First-Order Logic: Representation and Inference (Chapters 8 and 9)


Week9: Biometrics and Face Recognition


Week10: Learning / Decision Trees and Ensemble Learning / AdaBoost (Chap. 18) and Data Mining

Week11: Uncertainty / Probability / Bayes and Inference Using Belief / Bayes Networks (Chapters 13 14)


Week12: Communication / Perception and Natural Language Processing / (Chapters 22 24) and Deep Learning


Week13: Term Project Presentations and Discussion


Week14: REVIEW for FINAL




        Homework: 20%

        Term Project (due April 23): 25%

        MIDTERM: Thursday, February 26 25 %

        (cumulative) FINAL : Thursday, May 12 30 %

Honor Code

You are expected to abide by the GMU honor code. Homework assignments and exams are individual efforts. Information on the university honor code can be found at http://academicintegrity.gmu.edu/honorcode/.

Additional departmental CS information: http://cs.gmu.edu/wiki/pmwiki.php/HonorCode/CSHonorCodePolicies