Computer Science CS 777 / 001

Human Computer Intelligent Interaction


Wednesday, 7:20 pm - 10:00 pm, in Innovation Hall 136


Zoran Duric.

About the Class

Current and emerging issues in human-computer intelligent interaction and human-centered systems and their applications. In the beginning of the semester the instructor will discuss the current state of the art. After that we will focus on selected topics in human-computer intelligent interaction. Topics include:

video processing
virtual environments
adaptation and tutoring
image and scene modeling
analysis and synthesis
face and gesture recognition
speech and natural language processing.
In this part we will use optional text and selected papers published in various conferences and journals. The presentations will be done by the students.


Artificial Intelligence
Computer Graphics


  1. Designing the User Interface by Shneiderman and Plaisant, Addison Wesley (optional)
  2. Selected papers - the list will be posted on the course web page
  3. Class notes - will be posted on the course web page
  4. List of optional texts will be posted on the course web page


I expect that you have some programming skills. For your programming project you can use any language or tool of your choosing.

Course Web Page

CS 777: Human Computer Intelligent Interaction We will communicate through piazza. Slides, handouts, and assignments will be posted on the web page.


Grading will be based on a combination of the following factors:
  1. Final exam (take home): 30%
  2. Term project: 30%
  3. Class presentations and participation: 40%

Honor Code

The class enforces the GMU Honor Code, and to the more specific honor code policy special to the Department of Computer Science. You will be expected to adhere to this code and policy.


If you heve a documented learning disability or other condition which may affect academic performance, make sure this documentation is on file with the Office of Disability Services and come talk to me about accommodations.