George Mason University

Department of Computer Science

CS 450: Database Concepts

Spring 2018

Professor Jessica Lin

Course Description

This course covers basics to intermediate knowledge for the design, implementation, and use of relational database systems. The main topics include the relational data model, Entity-Relationship (ER) model for database design, Relational Algebra, SQL, database programming, functional dependencies and normalization, and indexing. Students will practice to design, develop, and implement a relational ORACLE database and use the database for queries, transaction processing, and report generation.

Course Outcomes

Class Time and Location

Monday/Wednesday 1:30-2:45pm
Sandbridge Hall 107


Dr. Jessica Lin
Office: Engineering Building 4419
Phone: 703-993-4693
Email: myfirstname [AT] gmu [DOT] edu
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 11am-12pm




C or better in CS 310 (Data Structures) and CS 330 (Formal Methods and Models)


Assignments: 20%
Project: 15%
Midterm: 30%
Final: 35%


There will be two midterm exams and one final exam covering lectures and readings. All exams will be in class, closed book. The final exam is comprehensive. Exams must be taken at the scheduled time and place, unless prior arrangement has been made with the instructor. Missed exams cannot be made up


  1. (Required) Database Systems - An Application-Oriented Approach, Complete Version, 2nd Edition
    Kifer, Bernstein, and Lewis
    Addison-Wesley/Pearson, 2005
    ISBN-10: 0321268458
    ISBN-13: 9780321268457
  2. (Recommended) Oracle 10g Programming: A Primer
    Addison-Wesley, 2008
    ISBN-10: 0321463048
    ISBN-13: 978-0321463043

Honor Code Statement

The GMU Honor Code is in effect at all times. In addition, the CS Department has further honor code policies regarding programming projects, which are detailed here. Any deviation from the GMU or the CS department Honor Code is considered an Honor Code violation. All assignments for this class are individual unless otherwise specified.

Learning Disability Accommodation

If you have a documented learning disability or other condition which may affect academic performance, make sure this documentation is on file with the Office of Disability Services and then discuss with the professor about accommodations.

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