CS440-001: Language Processors and Programming Environments

(Spring 2022)

1 Course Basics

1.1 Meeting Time and Location:

1.2 Instructor: Dr. Yutao Zhong

1.3 Course Content

This course will cover the theoretical and implementation aspects of language processing. Emphasis will be on the techniques and the issues that arise in the design and construction of compilers. There are several substantial programming assignments associated with this course.  Main topics of the course include:

1.4 Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, students should

1.5 Prerequisites: C or better in CS310/CS330/CS367

Students are expected to be acquainted with formal models and languages(CS330), computer systems and assembly languages(CS367), and data structures(CS310). Students should have strong programming skills with at least one language in C/C++/Java.

1.6 Textbook:

1.7 Other Useful Resources:

2 Grading

2.1 Assessment

Coding projects
Final exam

The following cutoffs will be applied without rounding:

2.2 Projects

2.3 Quizzes

2.4 Exams

2.5 Discussion board

2.6 Other

3 Policies

3.1 Honor Code

3.2 Privacy

3.3 Non-discrimination and Inclusiveness

3.4 Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Interpersonal Violence

4 Learning Disabilities

Students with a learning disability or other condition (documented with GMU's Office of Disability Services) that may impact academic performance should speak with the professor ASAP to discuss appropriate accommodations.

5 Campus Resources