Department of Computer Science
Volgenau School of IT&E
George Mason University


INFS 622 -Systems Analysis and Design – Summer 2009, Section B


Prerequisite: INFS 501, 515 and 590 or equivalent.

Class time and location:  Thursday 7:20-10 PM, Innovation Hall 136
Instructor name and email: Erika M. Olimpiew, Ph.D.,
Office Hours: By appointment only. Email anytime.

Course Description:
Integration of computing technologies, system analysis, system design practices, and management criteria in the design of large-scale information management and decision support systems. More emphasis on UML will be introduced.

Required Course Text: "Modern Systems Analysis and Design", 5th Edition by Jeffrey A. Hoffer; Joey F. George; and Joseph S. Valacich. Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2008.

Course Material: Links to UML resources, lecture notes, assignments and links to UML resources will be posted to Blackboard

Software Tool: Software tool information will be posted to Blackboard.


Individual Assignments / Individual or Group Projects: 55%

Final Exam: 25%

Presentations: 15%

Participation: 5%


Approximate Schedule: This is an approximate schedule. Check Blackboard’s Calendar tool for updates.






Tue., June 2nd

1. The Systems Development Environment- Methodologies

Chapter 1

First day of class; Introduce blackboard and first assignment.

Thurs., June 4th

2. The Origins of Software

Chapter 2

Project part 1 posted.

Tue., June 9th

3. Managing the Information Systems Project

Chapter 3

Assignment 1 due.

Thurs., June 11th

4. Identifying and Selecting Systems Development Projects;

5. Initiating and Planning System Development Projects

Chapters 4 and 5

Project part 2 posted

Tue., June 16th

6. Determining System Requirements

Chapter 6

Project part 1 due.

Thurs., June 18th

7. Determining System Process Requirements

Chapter 7

Project part 3 posted.

Tue., June 23rd

8. Determining System Logic Requirements

Chapter 8

Project part 2 due.

Thurs., June 25th

9. Structuring System Data Requirements

Chapter 9

Project part 4 posted.

Tue., June 30th  

10. Designing Databases

Chapter 10

Project part 3 due. Class meets in IN 134

Thurs., July 2nd

11. Designing Forms and Reports; Presentations

Chapter 11


Tue., July 7th

12. Designing Interfaces and Dialogues; Presentations

Chapter 12

Project part 4 due.

Thurs., July 9th

13. Finalizing Design Specifications; Presentations

Chapter 13


Tue., July 14th  

14. Designing Distributed and Internet Systems; Presentations

Chapter 14

Revised project due

Thurs., July 16th




Tue., July 21st

Final Exam


In class, open notes.