CS112: Introduction to Computer Programming
(Summer 2020 - Online)

1. Course Basics

Meeting times

Instructor and GTAs: 

Office Hours
Michael Neary mpneary at gmu dot edu by appointment

Office Hours
Navid Rajabi nrajabi at gmu dot edu 2B2, 2B3 TBD
Nabit Bajwa nbajwa4 at gmu dot edu 2B1 TBD

Course Outcomes:

Mason Core IT Learning Outcomes:


C or better in MATH 104, 105, or 113 (or sufficient score on the math placement test).

1.1 Textbook: zyBooks

Required - Zyante online textbook.

1.2 Communication:



1.3 Gradescope

1.4 Blackboard

1.5 Python Tutor

2 Grading

Category Sub-Category Percent Notes
Homework (50%) Zyante reading   10% drop 2 lowest-completion assignments (not chapters)
Individual Projects   40% drop 1 lowest
Tests and Exams
Lab Quizzes & Tasks   15% drop 2 lowest, average others evenly
Midterm Exam   15% midterm replacement (see section on 2.5 on Exams)
Final exam   20% must pass final to pass class class (see section on 2.5 on Exams)


2.1 Individual Projects

Programming projects will be a primary focus of your grade - each one should take multiple sessions of coding, with questions asked in between. This is the practice you need to learn, master, and internalize various concepts of the course. Don't be surprised if you're spending 5-20 hours on each one. All project grades will be averaged together evenly.

2.2 Labs

2.3 Zyante (Zybook) Readings

2.5 Exams

2.6 Contested Grades

If you feel points have been incorrectly deducted, contact the grader. For all homework, projects, and lab work, that is your GTA. For exams, that is your professor. Contesting of grades on any/all submissions must be requested within three days of receiving the grade (on BlackBoard). No grade changes will be considered subsequent to that deadline.

3 Office Hours and Discussion Board

There is substantial support available to you outside of lecture time in the form of office hours and the online discussion boards (Discord/Piazza). If you are having difficulty on a project or lab, we encourage you to reach out as early as possible. That said, to ensure fairness and facilitate learning, we have some basic rules for seaking help outlined below.

Please note that the is a discussion forum for you, the students, to discuss the course and the course material. It is monitored regularly by the GTA and your professor, but this is NOT a replacement for office hours, lecture with your professor, or labs.

3.1 Rules for Office Hours

3.1 Rules for the Discussion Board

4 Honor Code

5 The Office of Disability Services

Students with a learning disability or other condition (documented with GMU's Office of Disability Services) that may impact academic performance should speak with the professor ASAP to discuss appropriate accommodations. Even if you don't know whether you plan on utilizing the accommodations for any assignment/test, it's in your best interest to prepare and get documented ahead of time.