A graduate teaching assistantship typically consists of a stipend and some reduction in tuition in return for a position as a teaching assistant. Masters and PhD students may both apply for graduate teaching assistantships. Teaching assistantships are offered by the computer science department as a whole, and not by individual professors.

You must already be accepted in a departmental PhD or MS program to apply for a teaching assistantship. However, the department may also offer teaching assistantships to highly qualified PhD and MS candidates as part of accepting those students to the program.

Students with Provisional status are not eligible for teaching assistantships.

Applications for GTA positions will be available each semester through Handshake. Assistantships for the following semester are considered far in advance of the start of that semester. You can apply for an assistantship for any semester, though the fall semester has more open positions.

The application is a first step, but it does not guarantee you an interview. Interviews generally occur only when positions are available and then only by invitation from a faculty member on the TA coordinating committee.

Selection of candidates to interview is based in part on information in the application form. You may, in addition, submit a resume to the CS office, though it is not required. It is also helpful for us to have a list of all your relevant graduate courses, with exact course title, institution and grade.

Guidance for Getting a Teaching Assistantship

Most of our TA positions go to PhD students, though a few are held by MS students. We seek students who have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of our curriculum. The most frequently successful way to do this is by outstanding performance in the core courses of the MS program. An undergraduate degree in Computer Science is also helpful. Other criteria are considered, including strong knowledge of specific subject matter for courses that need coverage at a particular time.