Opening Activities

Getting to know each other and group problem solving. How tall a tower can you make with spaghetti, tape, string, and a marshmallow?

Students built the tallest towers they could with pasta, tape, string, and a marshmallow.

Data Hackathon

The students participated in a one-day hackathon to practice applying techniques they learned in early tutorial sessions.

Students participated in a data mining themed hackathon.

Six Flags

We had a fun adventure at Six Flags America.

We spent a day at Six Flags to enjoy some rollercoasters and water park rides.

Billy Goat Trail Hike

The group headed out to a nearby trail with great rock scrambling and epic views. Also, there were turtles.

Poster Presentations

At the end of the summer, our students participated in a campus-wide summer research celebration by presenting posters on their work.