Amihai (Ami) Motro


Department of Computer Science
The Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia 22030-4444

Office: Engineering Bldg., Room 4415
Phone: 703 993-1665

Biographical Highlights

Professional Areas of Interest

  • Database management
  • Information systems
  • Information retrieval
  • Information services
  • Virtual enterprises

Research Publications

Ph.D. Graduates

  • Don Marks
    Using Constraints to Control Access to Sensitive Aggregates and to Enforce Multilevel Integrity
  • Igor Rakov
    Data Quality and Its Use for Resolving Inconsistencies in Multidatabase Environments
  • Philipp Anokhin
    A Comprehensive Approach to the Resolution of Inconsistencies in Multidatabase Environments
  • Aybar C. Acar
    Discovering Patterns in Large Collections of Queries
  • Josh Church
    Recommending Serice Repairs
  • Yun Guo
    Automatically Repairing SQL Errors


Photo Gallery

Burano, Italy, June 2008.