List of qualifying seminars - Fall 2009

Note: List is sorted by seminar date, not by order of announcement.
  1. September 11
    Digital geometry and 3D imagery: Topological methods
    Chen Li, University of the Ditrict of Columbia
  2. September 17
    Quantification of computer security: Some case studies
    Prof. Michel Cukier, University of Maryland
  3. September 23
    CS faculty research overview seminar
    Zoran Duric: Understanding human movement (Area: Computer Vision, Robotics, AI)
    Huzefa Rangawala: Learning for metagenomics and structural bioinformatics (Area: Bioinformatics, Data Mining)
    Jana Kosecka: Virtual travel using image based models (Area: Computer Vision, Robotics, AI)
  4. September 22
    From recognizing biological sequences, to identifying search keywords: A feature generation framework
    Rezarta Islamaj, NIH
  5. September 29
    Reconstruction, localization and semantic parsing of urban scenes
    Jana Kosecka, GMU
  6. October 16
    Tulips, Potatoes, Apples, ISO 9001 and the CMMI
    Nelson Perez, Sierra's Edge
  7. October 21
    Improving and securing mobile internet accesses
    Songqing Chen, Computer Science Department, GMU
  8. October 21
    CS faculty research overview seminar
    Alex Brodsky: Decision-guidance systems
    Harry Wechsler: Robust biometrics
    Arun Sood: Beyond prevention and detection - intrusion tolerance
  9. October 27
    Role of promiscuous binding and intrinsic disorder in protein interactions
    Anna Panchenko, Associate Investigator, NCBI, NIH
  10. October 28
    Exploring the maze of MIX networks and malwares
    Frank Wang, Computer Science Department, GMU
  11. November 2
    Prediction of Nucletide Sequences
    Paul Cristea, Biomedical Engineering Center, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania
  12. November 3
    Computing structural changes in proteins
    Nurit Haspel, Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Boston
  13. November 4
    A day in the life of an access controller on the WWW
    Duminda Wijesekera, Computer Science Department, GMU
  14. November 5
    Intrinsic flaws of the Internet
    Paul Strassman, Department of Applied Information Technology, GMU
  15. November 9
    Architectural Patterns for Decentralized Self-Adaptive Systems
    Danny Weyns, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
    Continuous Learning for Self-Adaptive Software Systems
    Jesper Andersson, Vaxjo University, Sweden
  16. November 10
    United we stand, divided we fall: Integrating Continuous Robot Motion Planning and Discrete Action Planning
    Erion Plaku, Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics, Johns Hopkins University
  17. November 12
    No Need to Constrain Many-Core Parallel Programming
    Uzi Vishkin, University of Maryland
  18. November 18
    CS Faculty research review seminar
    Prof. Allbeck: Places Everyone: Creating an Animated Background of Human Activity
    Prof. Shehu: Model-based Search for Molecular Structures
    Prof. Sousa: Software issues for Smart Spaces
  19. November 19
    The importance of models in the design and analysis of computer systems
    Daniel Menasce, Computer science Department, GMU
  20. December 4
    Security Vulnerabilities in US Voting Machine Systems: A Summary of Two Large-scale Academic Studies of Electronic Voting Systems
    Micah Sherr, University of Pennsylvania