List of qualifying seminars - Fall 2010

  1. September 21
    2:30-3:30pm, Johnson center, 3rd floor, Room G
    Jeffrey P. Buzen
    Modeling Variability and Uncertainty in Real World Systems
  2. September 24
    1:00-2:00pm, ENG 3507
    Maricel G. Kann, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    Coevolution of interacting proteins: What is behind the mirror tree?
  3. September 30
    11:00-2:00, Research I, Room 401
    John Feo, Center for Adaptive Supercomputer Software Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Requirements and Performance of Data Intensive, Irregular Applications
  4. October 5
    Noon-1:00, ENG 4201
    Chaowei (Phil) Yang, Associate Professor, Geography, GeoInformation Sciences (GGS), GMU
    Spatial Computing: Utilizing spatial principles to optimize distributed computing for enabling the physical science discoveries
  5. October 12
    Noon-1:00, ENG 4201
    Ana Cris Murillo, Assistant Professor, Informatic and Engineering Systems Department, University of Zaragoza, Spain
    Vision Based Localization for Robots: metric, topological and semantic mapping
  6. October 15
    1:00-2:00, ENG 3507
    Zoran Duric, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, GMU
    Study and Simulation of Human Movement
  7. October 18
    10:00-noon, ENG 4201
    Garrett K. Kaminski, PhD candidate, Volgenatue School of Engineering, GMU
    Applications of Logic Coverage Criteria and Logic Mutation to Software Testing
    PhD Dissertation Defense
  8. October 29
    10:30am-12:30pm, Research I, Room 301
    James P. Rogers
    Detection of Outliers in Spatial-temporal Data
    PhD Dissertation Defense
  9. October 26
    noon-1:00pm, ENG 4201
    Antonello Loddo, Manager of Statistical Analysis at Capital One
    The role of data mining and statistics in the financial service industry
  10. November 2
    noon-1:00pm, ENG 4201
    Evan Drumwright, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, George Washington University
    Advancing Robotics Through Simulation and Modeling
  11. November 11
    10:00-11:00am, Research I, Room 401
    Li Xiong, Emory University
    HIDE: Privacy Preserving Data Release for Health Informatics
  12. November 18
    11:00am-noon, ENG 4201
    Christopher Hazard, Post-Doctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University
    Trust and Reputation in Multiagent Systems: Strategies and Dynamics
  13. December 3
    9:00-11:00 am, ENG 4201
    Gerald S. Doyle
    A Methodology for Making Early Comparative Architecture Performance Evaluations
    PhD Dissertation Defense
  14. December 3
    noon-1:30pm, ENG 4201
    Challenges in Distributed Energy Adaptive Computing
    Dr. Krishna Kant, NSF & GMU
  15. November 30
    noon-1:00pm, ENG 4201
    Querying Similar (Tropical Cyclone) Events via Metric Learning on Multivariate Spatial-Temporal Data Sequences
    Shen-Shyang Ho, Assistant research scientist, Center for Automated Research (CfAR), Institute of Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland
  16. December 10
    10:00am-noon, ENG 4201
    Hybrid Filtering in Semantic Query Processing
    Hanjo Jeong, PhD Candidate, Computer Science Department, GMU
    This is a PhD Dissertation Defense
  17. December 14
    10:00am-noo, ENG 4201
    Multi-level Sandboxing Techniques for Execution-based Stealthy Malware Detection
    Lei Liu, PhD Candidate, Computer Science Department, GMU
    This is a PhD Dissertation Defense
Note: There was a machine learning seminar on 2 September (the first week of the semester) by Dr. Itamar Arel.
The seminar was not announced (at that point only 1 or 2 students were registered).
If you attended the seminar and received a signature, you may include it in your list.