List of qualifying seminars - Spring 2009

  1. January 27
    Jur van den Berg (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
    Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles for Real-Time Multi-Agent Navigation
  2. January 28
    Wei Ding (University of Massachusetts Boston)
    Discriminating Patterns for Empirical Discovery in Geospatial Data
  3. February 3
    Nan Zhang (George Washington University)
    Sampling Attacks Against Hidden Web Databases
  4. February 20
    Xinwen Fu (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
    One Cell is Enough to Break Tor's Anonymity
  5. February 27
    Graham Morgan (George Mason University)
    Highly Interactive Scalable Virtual Worlds
    (faculty candidate)
  6. March 3
    Fei Li (George Mason University)
    Online Scheduling of Packets with Deadlines in a Bounded Buffer
  7. March 6
    Jan Allbeck (University of Pennsylvania)
    Creating 3D Animated Human Behaviors for Virtual Worlds
    (faculty candidate)
  8. March 16
    Nathan Sturtevant (University of Alberta)
    Heuristics are important for improving the performance of search-based algorithms
    (faculty candidate)
  9. March 19
    Xiaoning Qian (Texas A & M University)
    Analysis and Control for Biological Networks
    (faculty candidate)
  10. March 24
    Austin Huang (Harvard/MIT)
    The Role of Computation in Cellular and Molecular Investigations of Human Disease
    (faculty candidate)
  11. March 26
    Xiuzhen Huang (Arkansas State University)
    Efficient Algorithms for Protein Structure-Sequence Alignment and Applications
    (faculty candidate)
  12. March 27
    Kevin Mills (NIST)
    Measurement Science for Complex Information Systems
    (C4I seminar)
  13. April 23
    Muhammad Abdulla (George Mason University)
    Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
    (CS-PhD Dissertation Defense)
  14. April 23, 9:00 am, Robinson B 201
    Bruce Nesmith (Bethesda Softworks)
    [Area of Game Design]
    (Guest speaker in Basic Game Design class)
  15. April 28, 3:00 pm, Engineering, 5th Floor, Room 5117
    Hadi Rezazad (George Mason University)
    Enhancement of Network Robustness and Efficiency through Evolutionary Computing, Statistical Computation and Social Network AnalysiS
    (IT-PhD Dissertation Defense)
  16. April 30, 1:00 pm, Engineering, 4th floor, Room 4201
    Malak Talal Al-Nory (George Mason University)
    Service Composition Framework to Unify Simulation and Optimization in Supply Chains
    (IT-PhD Dissertation Defense)
  17. May 8
    Dongyu Liu (George Mason University)
    Towards Optimal Resource Utilization in Heterogeneous P2P Streaming
    (rehearsal for conference presentation)