CS 485 Objectives and Outcomes


  • Instructor: Amarda Shehu amarda\AT\cs.gmu.edu
    Place and Time: Art and Design Building, L008, MW 12:00-1:15 pm
    Office Hours: ENGR #4452, MW 11:00-11:59 am
    TA: David Morris (dmorri17\AT\gmu.edu), ENGR #4454, Robotics Lab


  • Understand basic notion of feedback control and apply and implement it in the context of mobile robot navigation. Be able to understand and implement basic algorithms for processing information from range and visual sensors, feature extraction and matching. Understand basic principles of motion planning in discrete and continuous state spaces. Demonstrate basic knowledge of different robotic architectures and their suitability for problems at hand. Be able to understand the role of probabilistic reasoning, basic formulation of Bayes filters and implement basic robot localization. Be able to define more advanced task for single or multiple robots, identify the components and implement it in the robot simulator of the choice.