Honor Code and Disability


  • Instructors: Amarda Shehu, Fei Li, [amarda, lifei]\AT\gmu.edu
    Place and Time: Art and Design Building, #2026, W 7:20-10:00 pm
    Office Hours: ENGR #4452, W 6:20-7:19 pm (Shehu) and ENGR #5326, M 6:20-7:19 (Li)

Honor Code

  • The class enforces the GMU Honor Code . Violations of academic honesty will not be tolerated. The CS department also has very specific honor code policies for projects. Please familiriaze yourselves with these policies.

Disability Statement

  • If a disability or other condition affects your academic performance, and you need special accommodations, you need to document it with the Office of Disability Services.