ROMEO -- Robotics-inspired prOtein Motion ExplOration framework

ROMEO is a framework developed in Shehu Lab that utilizes ideas from the robotics motion planning community to study molecules, specifically proteins. ROMEO interfaces with the Rosetta software package and can perform explorations of the conformational space utilizing popular algorithms such as RRT (Rapidly exploring Random Tree), T-RRT (transition based RRT), and PRM (Probabilistic RoadMap). This framework employs an object oriented design, which allows for researches and students to easily extend these algorithms in a plug-n-play like fashion to further innovation and progress in the fields of protein modeling.

A structure predicted with ROMEO (shown in red) is superimposed over the experimentally determined structure (shown in transparent blue) for PDB id 2ezk.

Downloading the Software

The open-source software is developed in C++. The software is available here for download by clicking the button below.