Research Contracts/grants

Office of Naval Research: Series of workshop on Cyber Security and Global Affairs, $104,000, 2009 - 2012


National Science Foundation: CERT capacity building in Africa. $140,00, 2009- 2011


Office of Naval Research: Workshop on Cyber Security and Global Affairs at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, $34,999, May to December 2009.


Lockheed Martin Corporation: Self Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance Architecture – Scalability and , Principal Investigator, $300,000. December 2008 to December 2009.


Virginia Commonwealth Technology Research Fund: Self Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance – Next Generation Security Technology.  Principal Investigator, $205,966. CTRF Funds: $86,013, Matching Funds: $86,013, (NGC: $85,000  GMU: $1,013), Indirect Return Waived. ( March 2008 to February 2009). (informal communication to OSP and PI for planning and start date adjustment – formal announcement end January 2008).


Lockheed Martin Corporation: Self Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance Architecture - Its Application and Integration in VOIE Environment, Principal Investigator, $200,000. December 2007 to December 2008.


National Science Foundation:  Planning visit to Nigeria.  Principal Investigator and Leader of  a team of Mathematicians and Computer Scientists to visit Abuja, Nigeria.  $20,000.  2007 – 2008.


SUN Microsystems – Grant supporting Self-Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance, Project Principal Investigator, $ 37,000 + SUN server.


NSF – Travel support to invited talk at Workshop on Computational Methods for Security in a Web Environment, Arica, Chile, July 2006. (PI: Professor Wayne Patterson, Howard University, D.C.)


Critical Infrastructure Protection Project (funds from NIST) - Self-Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance, Project Principal Investigator, $ 30,000,(Support for GRA) 2006 - 2007 (CIPP PI:  John McCarthy).


GMU Provost – Collaborative System for Faculty Support, Principal Investigator, $ 25,000, 2004 – 2005.


Critical Infrastructure Protection Project (funds from NIST) - Self-Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance, Project Principal Investigator, $ 146,764, 2004 - 2005 (CIPP PI:  John McCarthy, SCIT Project Co-PI:  Yih Huang).


National Science Foundation:  MRI: Acquisition of an Experimental Testbed for Research and Teaching in Mobile Collaborative Agents, Contributing Faculty, $ 250,000, 2004 – 2007 (Principal Investigator:  Sanjeev Setia, Other Co-PIs several CS faculty.)


TATRC, US Army - Zero Trust Intrusion Containment for Telemedicine, Principal Investigator. $ 154,369. 2001 – 2003 (Co-PIs: Yih Huang, Robert Simon, Elizabeth White).


National Imagery and Mapping Agency - Agent-based Collaborative Image and Geospatial Computing.  Principal Investigator.  $ 390,000 2000 – 2003. (Co-PI Robert Simon).


National Security Agency -- Simulation on Intelligent Networks. Co-Principal Investigator.  $ 350,000, 1997-98. (Co-PI George Atallah, Robert Simon).


Hughes Information Technology Corporation -Simulation of Image Distribution System. Co-Principal Investigator.  $ 35,000, 1996. (Co-P.I. Dr. George Atallah).


Hughes Information Technology Corporation - Performance Modeling of Large Scale High Perfomance Image Management System. Co-Principal Investigator.  $ 55,000, 1995-96. (Co-P.I. Dr. George Atallah).


GMU Provost’s Office (Educational/Research Development Support Program):  Multimedia Telematics Systems Research Initiative. Principal Investigator. $10,000, 1995-96.


Environmental Protection Agency - Data Quality Assurance and Visualization Tools to Support Water Quality Database. Lead Researcher.  $ 75,550, 1993-94. (Co-operative Agreement Managing Director - Dr. D. Carr.)


CESDIS/NASA Goddard - 1992 Cray Space Science Fellowship awarded to my Doctoral Student Ms. Kathleen Perez-Lopez, $18,000. 1992-93.


National Science Foundation - CISE Research Instrumentation: Exploiting Mixed Performance Characteristics:  A Heterogeneous Hypercube System.  Principal Investigator, $ 57,100.  Additional Matching Funds by George Mason University $28,550,1992-93.  (Co-P.I. Dr. O. Frieder )


VIDAR Systems Corporation - Characterization of Engineering Drawings for Improved Scanner Performance.  Principal Investigator.  $l5,000.  Additional support from Center for Innovative Technology.  $l5,000. 1990-92.


NATO Scientific Affairs Division - NATO Grants for International Collaboration in Research - Using Neural Networks for Segmenting Surfaces.  Principal Investigator.  $6700, l990-92  (Project PI:  Prof. G. Pieroni)


Office of Naval Research - Image Background Analysis and Characterization.  Principal  Investigator, $276,000, 1989-92.  (Co-P.I. Dr. K. Hintz)


National Science Foundation - CISE Research Instrumentation - Image Processing Improvements. Co-Principal Investigator. $26,500,  1989-92.  (P.I. Dr. B. Kjell).  Additional Matching Funds by George Mason University - $13,000.


US Army Belvoir RD&E Center--Multi-Resolution and Transform Techniques for Mine Detection from Infra Red Images. Principal Investigator.  $225,399, l989-.92.(Co-P.I. Dr. B. Kjell)


NATO Scientific Affairs Division - Grant for organizing and  directing an Advanced Study Institute in Active Perception and Robot Vision, Director, $50,000, July 1989. (with Dr. H. Wechsler)


Office of Naval Research - Co-sponsoring Advanced Study Institute on Active Perception and Robot Vision.. Principal Investigator, $10,078, July 1989.


Planning Research Corporation - Isolation of objects in Real Sciences.  Principal Investigator, $24,000, 1988-89.


TRW and Virginia Center for Innovative Technology -Parallelism in Acoustic Signal Processing.  Investigator, 1988-89.  (Principal Investigator - Dr. E. Norris)


U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command - Research in the Field of Vetronics: Databases and Networks. Principal Investigator, $66,843, l986-l988.


National Technical Information Service, U.S. Dept. of Commerce - Travel grant to attend and report on IWDM 87, in Japan, October 1987.


Industrial Product and Productivity Research Institute - Research in Vehicle Diagnosis Expert Systems and Collision Avoidance Techniques.  Principal Investigator, $ll0,000, May l985 - September l986.


Michigan Automated Vehicle Research Consortium - Investigations  in  autonomous vehicles:  Principal Investigator,  $9,392, January -May, l986.


U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command - Research in the Field of   Vetronics:  Principal Investigator,  $395,993, July l983 - October l985 (Other Principal Investigators:  Dr. E. R. Fisher and Dr. C. Friedlander).


NATO grant for organizing and conducting an Advanced Study Institute in the area of Relational Database Machine Architecture, July  l4-25, l985, France, Director, $35,000.  (Co-sponsored by Wayne State University and Ford Motor Company).  General Dynamics - Land Systems Division - Data Fusion Techniques and Application to Military Environment:  Principal Investigator,  $ll,993, January l984 - July l984. (Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. E. R. Fisher and Dr. C. Friedlander).


General Motors Corporation - Computer Integrated Manufacture of Special Tools; Principal Investigator,  $9,900, June l982 - August l982.


Ford Motor Company - Automated System for Testing Microprocessor Based Engine Controller:  Principal Investigator, $39,890,. October l982 - April l983. 


U.S. Department of Transportation - Engine Deficiency Indicator: Co-Principal Investigator, $86,630, September l98l - December l982.   (Principal Investigator:  Dr.  N.A. Henein)


U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command - Vetronics Project - Integrated Computer, Control and Communication System for Military Vehicles:  Investigator, Contract No. DAAE07-82-M9028, $13,524  May 1982 - January 1983.   (Principal Investigator:  Dr. E. R. Fisher; Investigator:  Dr. C. Friedlander)