Announcement New! [Springer SIST Book series Chapter, 2018]Temporal Artifacts from Edge Accumulation in Social Interaction Networks
New! ICDM 2018 regular paper "Multi-Label Answer Aggregation based on Joint Matrix Factorization"
New! ICDM 2018 short paper "Multiple Co-Clusterings"
New! ICDM 2018 short paper "Cost Effective Multi-label Active Learning via Querying Subexamples"
New! ICDM 2018 short paper "Feature-induced Partial Multi-label Learning"
New! Invited Talk on "Finding Communities and Roles in Networks" at the
AWM workshop minisymposium on Shape Analysis and Modeling at the SIAM Annual Meeting, in Portland, OR, July 9-13, 2018.
Research Interests Machine Learning, Data Mining, Classification, Clustering, Subspace and Multi-View Techniques, Bayesian Methods, Ensemble Methods, Text Mining, Social Network Analysis, Educational Data Mining, Financial Data Mining, Big Data
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