SIAM Data Mining Conference

SDM 2010 Doctoral Student Forum

SDM @ 10 Anniversary Panel: Data Mining: A Decade of Progress and Future Outlook (5:20pm - 6:40pm, April 30, 2010)


Doctoral Forum Poster Presentations (6:45pm - 8:30pm, April 30, 2010)

Instructions for Preparing Doctoral Forum Presentations

  1. Faris Alqadah, Clustering of Multi-Domain Information Networks [pdf]
  2. Tobias Berka, Parallel Information Retrieval for Dense Vectors [pdf]
  3. Nuno Costantino Castro, Time Series Motifs [pdf]
  4. Darcy Davis, Network-Centric Data Mining Solutions for Prospective Medical Applications [pdf]
  5. William Harvey, Generating and Exploring a Collection of Topological Landscapes for Visualization of Scalar-Valued Functions [pdf]
  6. Kuo-Wei Hsu, Improving Bagging Performance through Multi-Learner Ensemble [pdf]
  7. Ke Hu, Unvoiced speech segregation from nonspeech interference via CASA and spectral subtraction [pdf]
  8. Syed Fawad Hussain, Chi-Sim: A new similarity measure for the co-clustering task [pdf]
  9. TaeHyun Hwang, Mining genetic determinants of human disease with graph-based learning [pdf]
  10. Antonina Khairova, Decision algebras for capturing and manipulating decision information [pdf]
  11. Jerome Kunegis, On the Spectral Evolution of Large Networks [pdf]
  12. Guangxia Li, Two-view Transductive Support Vector Machines [pdf]
  13. Kuiyu Li, Persistent Heat Signature for Pose-oblivious Matching of Incomplete Models [pdf]
  14. Lei Li, Mining co-evolving motion capture time series [pdf]
  15. Yu-Ru Lin, Community Discovery in Dynamic, Rich-Context Social Networks [pdf]
  16. Cong Liu, A Comparative Study of Variable Screening Methods: Univariate versus Multivariate Screening [pdf]
  17. Tan-tan Liu, Data Mining on Deep Web [pdf]
  18. Zhenyu Lu, Active Learning with Adaptive Heterogeneous Ensembles [pdf]
  19. James MacGlashan, Skill Bootstrapping: Hierarchical Skill Learning for High-level Planning [pdf]
  20. Milos Radovanovic, Hubs in Space: Popular Nearest Neighbors in High-Dimensional Data [pdf]
  21. Karthik Sankaranarayanan, Interactive Visualization and Behavior Analysis for Video Surveillance [pdf]
  22. Venu Satuluri, Scalable Graph Clustering using Stochastic Flows [pdf]
  23. Xiaoxiao Shi, Predictive Modeling with Heterogeneous Sources [pdf]
  24. Vishnu Sreekumar, The dimensionality of episodic images [pdf]
  25. Enhua Tan, Analysis and Detection of Spamming Behavior in Blog Networks [pdf]
  26. Giridhar Tatavarty, Rule Discovery in Large Time Series Datasets [pdf]
  27. Shirish Tatikonda, Efficient Semi-Structured Data Analysis and Management [pdf]
  28. Ye Wang, Towards Efficient Outlier Detection [pdf]
  29. Ying Wang, An Ad Hoc Image Annotation Engine [pdf]
  30. Xintian Yang, Efficient visual analytics on large graphs [pdf]
  31. Guangxiang Zhang, Adaptive Fitting of Linear Mixed-Effects Models with Correlated Random-effects [pdf]
  32. Zheng Zhao, A Knowledge-Oriented Framework for Gene Selection [pdf]
  33. Hu Zhen, Algorithms for Discovering Polarized and Low-Variance Biclusters [pdf]
  34. Yuwen Zhuang, Statistical analyses of episodic graphs [pdf]

Best Doctoral Forum Poster Awards

A commmitte consisting of Chid Apte (IBM), Christopher Clifton (Purdue University), Jennifer Dy (Northeastern University), Bart Goethals (University of Antwerp), and Matt Otey (Google) selected two of the doctoral forum posters for best poster awards. The award recipients are: Tobias Berka and Antonina Khairova. Congratulations Tobias and Antonina!