CS 211 - Schedule - Fall 2007


The following class schedule will be augmented as the semester progresses. Additionally, time will be spent in class covering some aspects of projects as they become available in WebCT.
You are expected to do the homework assignments; however, I will not be collecting them since I have provided the answers with the questions. We will spend time in class going over the homework. The homework is important for learning and because the homework questions will be similar to what you will see on exams. I expect you to be responsible adults and do the homework!
Start studying for exams at least two weeks in advance. Note that 3 of 4 quizzes are scheduled the week before an exam. The reason for this is to help motivate you to start studying early!

LectureDescriptionAssignmentLesson Links
Honor Code
Java Review
Before Class: Read Ch 1
HW 1
Unix commands you should know
Basic Linux
Java Review
Ch 1
8/29/2007Java Review
Project 1 description
Project 1
8/31/2007Java Review
Install NetbeansNetbeans Tutorial
Longer Tutorial
Netbeans QuickStart
9/3/2007Labor day! No class.How to surf
9/5/2007Software EngineeringBefore Class: Read Ch 2
HW 2
HW 3 (1-3)

Ch 2

Interfaces (comparable)
Before Class: Read Ch 4.
HW 3 (4-5)
Ch 4
9/10/2007Arrays Read: Arrays 
Read Ch 1 (if you haven't already)
Quiz 1 (last semester)
Arrays and References
9/12/2007Quiz 1 -- Quiz will cover up to lecture on 9/10/2007.

9/14/2007Quiz 1 Review
9/17/2007Project 1 due
Recursion Intro
Read Ch 3
HW 4 (Ch 3, 5)
Ch 3
9/19/2007Big O
Project 2 description
Read Ch 10.1
Big O
Ch 10A
Sorted List
Interfaces and Lists
9/26/2007Linked ListsCh 5
9/28/2007Linked Lists Continued
10/1/2007Quiz 2
Linked Lists Continued
10/3/2007Quiz 2 Review
Midterm Review
10/5/2007Midterm review (midterm date has changed to next week (Tuesday)!)
Linked Lists continued

10/9/2007This class is moved to Oct 9 due to Columbus Day!!!

Midterm 1 - 1:30 - 4:30 in our classroom!
Last semester's midterm
MIDTERM Practice Problems
10/10/2007Midterm 1 Post Mortem
Linked Lists
Ch 5 B
10/12/2007Linked Lists
Project 2 due 
Project 3 description
Project 3 - WorldWind
Stacks (Ch 7)
10/17/2007StacksEvent Driven Programming
10/19/2007QueuesQueues (Ch 8)
10/26/2007Polymorphism and Dynamic BindingPolymorphism
10/31/2007Quiz 3
11/2/2007Sorted Lists
Sorting - Bubble, Selection, Insertion
11/5/2007Sorting - Bubble, Selection, Insertion
Midterm Review
11/7/2007Midterm 2

Midterm 2 - 1:30 - 4:30 in our classroom!
Midterm 2 Review
11/9/2007Sorting - Merge, Quick, Radix
11/12/2007Midterm post mortem
Project 3 due
Project 4 description

Sorting - Merge, Quick, Radix
11/14/2007Sorting - Merge, Quick, Radix
11/16/2007Sorting - Merge, Quick, Radix
11/19/2007Executable JarsExecutable Jars
Unit Testing
11/21/2007Thanksgiving! No class
11/23/2007Thanksgiving! No class
11/26/2007Software Tools - DebuggersDebugging
11/28/2007Quiz  4
11/30/2007Java assembly languageJava Bytecode
12/3/2007Software Tools - Profilers, Test coverage
12/5/2007Final Exam Review
12/7/2007Final Exam Review
Project 4 due
Final Study Plan

Final Review Slides