CS/SWE 421 Schedule - Fall 2007

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The schedule will be updated throughout the semester as needed.

Week BeginningDescriptionHomework Due (Section 001: Thursday, Section 002: Wednesday)Slides
8/27/2007Class  overview, Project overview

- Pressman: Ch 1: Software engineering overview
- Booch: Ch 1: Why we model
- Booch: Ch 2: Introduction to UML

9/3/2007- Introduction to ArgoUML
- Booch: Ch 17-18 Use Cases
Team: Team Description

HW#1 : Pressman ch 1 exercises: 5, 6, 10, 11
Optional Essays
9/10/2007- Pressman: Ch 2: Software Process
- Pressman: Ch 7: Requirements
- Booch: Ch 4: Classes (Class Diagrams)
HW#2: Using the generic process framework in section 2.2 (page 24 in the Software Engineering book). Write a process description of your choosing and map your steps to the process framework steps. Pick a process that you can map at least one activity to each generic framework step.
CMMI Case Study
Ch 7
Class Diagrams
9/17/2007 - Pressman: Ch 3: Prescriptive Software Models
- Pressman: Ch 4: Agile Methods
Extreme Programming
Team: Detailed project statement

HW#3: Individual: Create a class diagram for the We-Grow Supply Company system that identifies meaningful classes of objects in that problem domain and relationships among those classes. We-Grow Descrption

Fleck Answer
Ch 3
Extreme Programming
Ch 4
9/24/2007- Pressman: Ch 5: Software Practices
- Booch:
HW#4: Pressman ch 3 exercises: 2, 3
Optional Essays
Ch 5
Sequence Diagrams
Software Leadership
10/1/2007- Pressman: Ch 8: Analysis Modeling
- Booch: Ch 16: Interaction Diagrams
Team: Project requirements specification
Ch 8 - Analysis Modeling

CRC Modeling
10/8/2007No Tuesday class!

Midterm review
- Pressman: Ch 9: Design Engineering
- Booch:
HW#5: Pressman ch 5 exercises: 4, 10, 13Functional Requirements
10/15/2007Midterms! Wednesday/Thursday

- Pressman: Ch 9: Design Engineering
- Booch:
Some Review Questions 
10/22/2007 - Pressman: Ch 21: Project Management
- Booch:
No homework. This is your free week to redo the SRS. Can't make it up with pizza, so this is the best I got.  ;-)   You will need to turn in the revised SRS (which is the High Level Design) the week of 10/29.

Project Management
10/29/2007- Pressman: Ch 22: Software Metrics -- NOTE: We are going to skip Ch. 22 for now and come back to it later if time permits.

- Booch:
Team: Project high level design. (This should be the revised SRS and with the extra diagrams needed for the High Level Design.)
11/05/2007- Pressman: Ch 13: Testing Strategies
- Booch:
Team: Implementation Schedule
HW#6: Pressman ch 21: exercises 6, 7
Pressman ch 22: exercises: 5, 12
Cyclomatic Complexity
11/12/2007- Pressman: Ch 14: Testing Techniques
- Booch:
Team: Project metricsTesting Techniques

Unit Testing
11/19/2007- UPDATE: Tuesday class is also cancelled. (Tues)

Thanksgiving! No class Wed/Thurs!

Eat turkey

11/26/2007Ch 22 Software Metrics

Other topics in SWE

Team:  Test Plan
HW#7: Pressman ch 13: exercises 3, 4

FindBugs (http://findbugs.sourceforge.net/) is a static analysis tool. For this homework, go to the Bug Descriptions on the FindBugs website. Find a bug description that represents a bug that, without using FindBugs, would be considered a runtime problem that could be found using traditional system testing. (Traditional system testing is black-box testing.) For that bug provide the description from the FindBugs website, and your own interpretation of what that means. I only expect one or two sentences here.

Repeat the above process for:
a. A coding or logic problem that could not be found by traditional system testing
b. A performance problem that may or may not be detectable by system testing

Can FindBugs be used instead of testers? Should FindBugs be used at all? Explain.
Ch 22
12/3/2007Final Exam Review and Team Presentations

Team: Final project including all revised documents
Team evaluation and description of lessons learned in the group project
Final Review

Final Review Slides