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The Evolutionary Computation Laboratory at George Mason University consists of a group of faculty, students, and affiliated scientists and engineers who conduct theoretical and applied research in the area of Evolutionary Computation. Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth De Jong, this group offers researchers at the University the opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects as part of the process of broadening our understanding of this rapidly growing field.

At the simplest level, Evolutionary Computation (EC) involves the design and application of computational models of Darwinian-like models of evolution. Such models can be used to better understand existing evolutionary systems (such as bacterial resistance to penicillin) or can be used to make computer systems themselves more robust, flexible and adaptive (such as a stock market trading program). Here at the EC lab, we are interested in both kinds of applications but are more involved in the latter.

Historically, a variety of evolutionary computation models have been developed including such well-known methods as Evolutionary Programming, Evolutionary Strategies, Genetic Algorithms, and Genetic Programming. These models have been successfully applied to a wide range of difficult science and engineering problems including innovative design, optimization, and machine learning. Here at EC lab we have researchers interested in all of these approaches, as well as developing new evolutionary models and applications.

For more information about our laboratory, please browse the accompanying web pages. Additional information about the field of Evolutionary Computation can be found in a variety of places on the web including The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation.

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