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EC lab EC++

ec++: an algorithm-oriented C++ evolutionary computation toolkit

This page contains a information about ec++, which is a generic C++ evolutionary computing programmer's toolkit. With it, a programmer can develop programs that explore evolutionary strategy, evolutionary programming, and genetic algorithm methodologies. Moreover the programmer is able to easily modify existing classes or add their own to implement new methodologies.

Supported Compilers

ec++ is known to work with GNU gcc versions 2.95.x. Earlier versions worked with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.x SP3; though theoretically ec++ should continue to build with VC++, it's currently not known what's involved in doing so.


You can browse the online source documentation. You can view the ChangeLog and the latest ec++ news.

Download Software

You can get the latest version of ec++, 0.7.4, released May 1, 2001,here.

Older versions:

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