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EC lab Activities

The Genetic Algorithms Group

Under the direction of Kenneth A. De Jong at George Mason University , the Genetic Algorithms Group (GAG) is comprised of students, academicians, and representatives from industry in the Washington, D.C. metro area who share an interest in evolutionary computation (EC). Group members are working on a variety of research projects including EC theory, coevolutionary algorithms, decentralized EAs, representation issues, the application of EAs to molecular biology, and EA-based machine learning.

Group Meetings

GAG meetings tend to be help on Thursdays, but not definitively so. We arrange meetings when there are members who would like to address the group about some research project. Below is a list of talks scheduled in the very near future.


Thursday, August 14 at 3pm
Topic: Finding multiple solutions with GAs.
Presenters: John Grefenstette

This talk covers some new ideas for modifying GAs to find multiple distinct solutions to optimization problems.

Contact Information

We maintain a very informal mail list to inform members of upcoming meetings and other notifications. If you wish to be informed electronically or are simply interested in learning more about the Genetic Algorithms Group, contact Ken De Jong <> .

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