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EC lab Activities

Paper Discussion Group

A small group of students involved with the EClab group gather periodically to discuss literature in the field. The major focus has been in the area of theory. If you are interested, please contact Jeff Bassett <jbassett @ cs . gmu . edu (remove whitespace)> We are currently meeting every other Thursday (or so) from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, at the Krasnow Institute, seminar room.

Next Meeting: TBA (Tentatively Thursday 6/21/07 (3:00pm - 5:00pm)
Discussion leader: TBA
Paper: TBA

Visit the paper suggestions page to see what we are currently considering for discussion.

List of papers we have discussed in the past

  • 03/22/05     O. Sporns and G. Tononi Classes of Network Connectivity and Dynamics (2002)
  • 11/11/04     B. Yuan and M. Gallagher, Statistical Racing Techniques for Improved Empirical Evaluation of Evolutionary Algorithms (2004)
  • 11/28/03     A. Teller and D. Andre, Automatically choosing the number of fitness cases: The rational allocation of trials (1997)
  • 10/14/03     David Chapman (editor) How to do research at the MIT AI lab. (1988)
  • 09/09/03     Anthony Bucci and Jordan Pollack, A Mathematical Framework for the Study of Coevolution. (2002)
  • 04/10/03     Lee Altenberg, The Evolution of Evolvability in Generic Programming. (1994)
  • 03/20/03     Ludo Pagie and Melanie Mitchell. A Comparison of Evolutionary and Coevolutionary Search. (2002)
  • 02/06/03     Edwin de Jong. A Coevolutionary Approach to Representation Development. (2002)
  • 10/10/02     Lee Altenberg. Evolving Better Representations through Selective Genome Growth. (1994)
  • 06/13/02     Thomas Jansen and Ingo Wegener. Evolutionary algorithms - how to cope with plateaus of constant fitness and when to reject strings of the same fitness. (2001)
  • 04/08/02     De Jong. GA's are NOT Function Optimizers (1992)
  • 01/31/02     Vitanyi. A discipline of evolutionary programming. (2000)
  • 12/06/01     Spears. Crossover or Mutation? (1992)
  • 11/08/01     Rabani, Rabinovich, and Sinclair. A Computational View of Population Genetics. ('96)
  • 10/25/01     Rowe and McPhee. The effects of crossover and mutation operators on variable length linear structures. ('01)
  • 10/04/01     Brooks. Intelligence without representation.
  • 09/20/01     Willson. Classifier fitness based on accuracy.
  • 08/09/01     General Red Queen issues (Cliff & Miller, Pagie, Ficici, Watson, etc.)
  • 07/26/01     Watson & Pollack. Coevolutionary Dynamics in a Minimal Substrate. ('01)
  • 06/21/01     Friedman, D. On economic applications of evolutionary game theory. ('98)
  • 05/31/01    (INFT 910 class papers)
    • Panait. A Comparative Study of Two Competitive Fitness Functions
    • Leonardi. Enabling the Understanding of the Nature of Coevolving Decisions in a Strictly Competitive Environment Through the Iteration of a Two-Person, Zero-Sum Game. A Comparative Study of Two Competitive Fitness Functions
  • 05/22/01    (INFT 910 class papers)
    • Bassett. A Comparison of Generalization Mechanisms in Evolutionary Rule Learning
    • Liles and Wiegand. Using Evolutionary Game Theory to Analyze a Cooperative Coevolutionary Algorithm for Function Optimization.
  • 05/07/01     Stephens and Waelbroack. Schemata Evolution and Building Blocks. ('99)
  • 03/20/01     Riechmann, T. Genetic Algorithm Learning and Evolutionary Games. ('99)
  • 04/13/01
    • Ficici and Pollack. Effects of Finite Pop. on ESSs (GECCO '00)
    • Ficici, Melnik, and Pollack. A Game-Theoretic Investigation of Selection Methods Used in EAs (CEC '00)
    • Fogel, Andrews, and Fogel. On the Instability of ESSs in Small Populations. ('98)
  • 03/06/01     Ficici and Pollack. A Game-Theoretic Approach to Simple Coevolutionary Aglorithms. (PPSN '00)
  • 02/27/01     Nix and Vose. Modeling GAs with Markov Chains. ('92)
  • 02/20/01     Write and Vose. Finiteness of the Fixed Point Set for SGA. ('96)
  • Prior to 02/20/01
    • Juliany and Vose. The GA Fractal. ('94)
    • Maynard--Smith. Evolution and the Theory of Games (Chapters 1-3). ('82)

Some background material helpful for articles we have read

  • Vose. Modeling Simple GAs. ('96)
  • Vose and Liepins. Punctuated Equilibrian in Genetic Search. ('91)
  • Vose. Generalizing the Notion of Schema in GA. ('91)
  • De Jong, Spears, Gordon. Using Markov Chains to Analyze GAFOs ('94)
  • Riley, J. G. Evolutionary equilibrium strategies. (Journal of Theoretical Biology). ('79)
  • Hofbauer and Sigmund. Evolutionary Games and Population Dynamics. ('96)
  • Fogel, Andrews, and Fogel. On the Instability of ESSs in Small Populations. ('98)

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