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EC lab Activities

2003 Summer Lecture Series

EClab has prepared an informal lecture series for this summer (2003). There will be a series of 5, 1.5 hour lectures on advanced EC topics over the latter half of the summer. The lectures will be scheduled in advance, as the summer pogresses.

This year's theme is Understanding Empirical Methods. Lectures will discuss topics relating to this theme. Each lecture will begin with a short introduction to the series, and how this topics fits into the series, then the topic will be presented in two 45 minute blocks. There will be a 15 minute break in themiddle.

People of varying levels of understanding of Evolutionary Computation are encouraged to attend. The lectures are meant to provide background knowledge and understanding of particular advanced topics, as well as to give student and post-doctoral researchers in the group teaching opportunities.

Lecture Schedule

  • June 12 (Tuesday, 3p-4:45p): Experimental Design & Methodology    [Rafal Kicinger & R. Paul Wiegand]
    • Intro to the lecture series
    • Methodology
    • Experimental Design
    • Conducting Experiments
    • Presenting Experimental Results
    • [handout]   [slides]
  • June 26 (Thursday, 3p-4:45p): Conducting Empirical Investigations in Multiagent Systems and Parallel Models    
      • [Adrian Grajdeanu & Liviu Panait]
  • July 24 (Thursday, 3p-4:30p): Empirical Analysis of EA Components    
      • [Jeff Bassett]
  • July 31 (Thursday, 3p-4:30): Understanding Landscapes    [Elena Popovici]
  • TBA: Visualization & Statistics    [Liviu Panait and Adrian Grajdeanu]

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