Elena Popovici

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--- Complexity Scientist at Icosystem Corp.
--- in Cambridge, MA, USA
--- just outside of Boston

--- graduated (December 2006) with a PhD from the Department of Computer Science
--- in the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering
--- at George Mason University
--- in Fairfax, Virginia, USA
--- just outside of Washington, D.C., USA

Dissertation: An Analysis of Two-Population Co-evolutionary Computation

Advisor: Kenneth De Jong

Research Groups:
--- ECLab - GMU's Evolutionary Computation Laboratory
--- ASL - Adaptive Systems Laboratory, part of the Krasnow Institute

Research Interests:
--- Artificial Intelligence
--- Evolutionary Computation
------ Co-evolution: tutorial I presented at CEC 2005, co-authored with Paul Wiegand
------ Analysis methods for evolutionary and co-evolutionary algorithms
------ Generative representations (cellular automata, Lindenmayer-systems ...)
------ Evolutionary design
--- Multi-agent systems / Agent-based Modeling / Simulations
--- Search and optimization
--- Adaptation and self-organization
--- Dynamical systems and chaos
--- Algorithms and complexity