Personal Air Vehicle (PAV)

is a family-sized, affordable aircraft that will be easy to pilot and capable of flying into any of the over 5,400 public-use community airports, thus greatly enhancing mobility by reducing the doorstep-to-destination time.

Personal Air Vehicle 1

Personal Air Vehicle 2


Advantages of Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs)

  • Offer the possibility of using air transportation for short-distance travels, hence providing an alternative to automobile travel. This will reduce the congestion on highways as well as lower the maintenance and capital investment costs and the pressure to expand the existing highway network
  • Improve overall mobility by making it possible for people to fly directly into their final destination, hence reducing the current congestion and delays in the major airports

PAVs and Mobility

is the ease or quality of moving freely from a start location to an end/final destination. Mobility would be greatly enhanced by the Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs) being developed by NASA. PAVs would enhance both the mobility of people who utilize them by allowing travel at speeds that are up to 4 times that of todays cars, and through capacity augumentation, the mobility of those that use commercial airlines and highways.

Personal Air Vehicle 3

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