Senegal & Lake Victoria, 2005
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1-10 St. Louis, Senegal

St. Louis (SallooEE) has been the capital of Senegal and Mauritania. My travelmate, Ed Schmidt, knew French people who once had a place there. He figured they must've had a reason, so we went.
1-2   Looking up.
1 La Louisiane: where we stayed, by the bay; interesting proprietor; definitely go there. 2 Excellent interior balcony, part of a signposted self-tour.
3-4   La plage. What two things do you find on the beach? Goats? Soccer? Correct.
3 Grazing goats: nothing quite like a plastic bag for lunch. 4 Le foot: soccer on the beach.
5-8 The streets of St. Louis contain people who are often poor and buildings that are often colorful.
5 Balcony. 6 Government below; laundry above.
7 Colors; courtyards not shown. 8 Caleche, pour les touristes.
9-10   What two things do you expect to find in town?
9 The Grue: once a mover of heavy things, it now sits there, waiting for admiration. 10 Palme d'or (so to speak), lit, at night, in a park.
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