Lake Victoria, 2005
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51-57 Sipi II: The Hike

At over 14,000 feet, Elgon is among Africa's tallest mountains. The three tall waterfalls are midway up it.
51 At the base of the lowest falls. This one is a 300 foot drop. 52 Horizontal tree; vertical vines and falling water.
53 Peeling coffee beans with a hand-cranked smoosher. 54 Washing up, just above the middle falls.
55 After a hike, nothing beats a few sips of crankcase conditioner. Well, actually, the contents of that can are something a bit less foul-tasting: warm, foamy, opaque local beer. Young Martin, our guide, wisely abstains.
56 Local housing. 57 Whimsical housing.
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