Lake Victoria, 2005
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17-22 Bukoba, Tanzania

Bukoba, on the west shore of Lake Victoria, is a thoroughly delightful small town. It has bluffs, birds, beer on the beach with Indian food, beer in town with African food, a market, a museum, a fishing village and a pier... even a club where young Tanzanians welcomed us to join them in pool and ping pong.
17 Here's that on-beach dining location. 18 We stayed at the Lutheran guesthouse, a modest, well-designed hotel. On the grounds were these containers, the kind featured in U.S. discussions of homeland security. Here they're all over, used for storage and to house small businesses.
19 Lakeside trees at first light. 20 Offshore island
21 Tree flowers on flowering tree 22 Upscale residence near beach
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