Lake Victoria, 2005
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41-46 Kenya

In each country we checked in on schools that are near the lake and supported by our NGO, Teachers for East Africa Alumni. One is near Migori and another is in Bungoma. Our representatives in each area have agricultural interests too.
41 Bikes at busstop, Migori. 42 The orange was the symbol for a "No" vote on the consitutional referendum. Our friends thought the new document called for too strong a presidency. It lost, in a vote that was divided by region.
43 Ed checking chemistry supplies at Mukuyu HS near Migori... 44 ... and admiring a home-made lung model at a new community-supported school in Bungoma. Construction materials include balloons, rubber band, chewing gum and ballpoint pen shafts.
45 Brahmas at a farm served by our Migori host's water project. 46 Oil palm in an experiment run by our Bungoma host. Also, this is an action shot: check the cow's tail and look for the fly.
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