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MathLab: Free Tutoring for Any Student
All You Need to Know in One Page

Getting cool with math:
Understanding, empowerment, confidence, performance

Strugglers - who need it.
Stars - for SAT, ACT, enrichment, math in careers,...
Strivers - anyone who wants to do better.

Site can be a busy time, with personal and administrative matters.
Some partner pairs may want to work on other subjects.
But math is crucial for many things.

College Bound office, 128 M St NW.

Mondays & Thursdays (& possibly Wednesday, check with office)
Arrive 5:30, if possible. 6 is ok.
Typically 60-75 minutes.

Sign up: student notify coordinator or parent notify office.
Show up: student should follow through.
Bring (optional but helpful): recent exam, homework sheet, book.

Mentor's Role in MathLab
Detect the need as student does weekly math at Site.
Encourage them to sign up and show up.

My Role
I'm here to help... but need your help; see "Mentor's Role"
Questions? Mentor or parent can send mail to Henry