Computer Science 425: Game Programming I


Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:00-4:15 PM, in Planetary Hall 126.


Jan M. Allbeck

Office hours will be held every Wednesday from 9-10:30am in ENGR 5324 or by appointment.


Grade of C or better in CS 310, CS 325 (and CS 351 next year).

About the Class

This course is a requirement of the ACS Game Design degree and can be used as a Senior CS Elective for the BS CS degree.

The course will provide an introduction to technologies and techniques used in modern computer games, animations, and special effects. Students will gain knowledge and experience needed to build games, simulations, and animations. Therefore, the key elements of the course will be knowledge, experience, and fun!

Topics will include:

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Required: Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory. ISBN# 978-1-56881-413-1


This course uses Microsoft Visual Studio 10, which is available only for Windows. The software is installed in the Volgenau School open lab (ENGR 1506) and hours for the lab are on the VSE Labs site ( ). If you have a Macintosh computer and want to install the software on it, you will have to use either a virtual machine or BootCamp to install Windows on your Macintosh computer. VMWare Fusion and Windows are available at no charge through your enrollment in Volgenau School courses. Instructions for obtaining the software are in the Microsoft DreamSpark & VMWare FAQs on

Course Outcomes

a) Become familiar with advanced techniques used in object-oriented programming

b) Realize the manner with which the graphics pipeline may be utilized to create animations, games, and simulations

c) Utilize mathematical abilities to create optimum algorithms

d) Exhibit skills that demonstrate understanding of physics simulations

e) Realize the appropriate techniques for maximizing code reuse

f) Experience employing a variety of data structures and algorithms

Assessment Plan for the Course

This course requires a number of intense homework assignments appropriate to a 400 level course!

Final (20%), Quizzes and Class Participation (10%), Assignments (70%)

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