×      How to sign up to WebCT?

1.       Go to the web site: https://webct41.gmu.edu/webct/public/home.pl.

2.       Click “Log on to myWebCT”.

3.       Type in your user name and password in the pop-out window. Your user name will be the same as your mason account name. And your password will be the last four digits of your Student ID number.

4.       Click “Add course”.

5.       Choose “Fall(Spring) 200X” directory.

6.       Click “CS-451-001-XXX [Chen]”.

7.       Click “Register” button.

8.       Click “Go to course”, you will be forwarded to the CS451 domain.

9.       The next time, when you come back to WebCT, you only need to go through step 1 – 3, and then choose “CS-451-001-XXX [Chen]” from your course list.


×      How to use WebCT?

1.       The Syllabus directory contains general information about the course CS451.

2.       In the Student Homepage directory, you can easily create your own homepage in this area. And you will see a list of students registered in CS451. If you click the mail symbol before a name, you can compose an email to the specific student. Later, the receiver will be able to read the email in his “Mail” directory.

3.       In the Calendar directory, you will be able to manage your daily schedule. The instructor will post the important dates of assignments, midterm and Final etc. You can also add in your own important date by pressing the day, and then click the “Add Entry” button. Your own daily schedule will only be seen by yourself; no other people have the access to your own daily schedule.

4.       In the Discussion directory, you can post questions. For example, if you have questions of setting up your working environment, you may click “setting up the environment”. Then you select “Compose Message”. You may type in your question in the pop-out window. Then click “Post”. Your message will be posted to the “setting up the environment” directory. If you click a posted message, you will see a pop-out window, in which you will be able to read the content of the message, answer the message, or do a quote on the message.

5.       In the Mail directory, you can receive, send and manage your mails. If you want to send a mail, click “Compose Mail Message”. Then click the “Browse” in the pop-out window to select the person you want to send the email. You can also manage the mail folders and your mails in this directory.

6.       In the Assignments directory, you can submit your assignments. Click the title of the assignment you want to submit, for example, “Assignment 1”. Then click “Student Files”. You will be forwarded to the upload page. Click “Upload”. Use “Browse” to select the files you want to upload. Then you click the “Upload” button again. To submit the file, you simply click the “Submit Assignment” button. If you type in an email address in the “Email address for email notification”, you will receive a notification after the instructor receives your submission.

7.       After the instructor has finished grading your assignment, you will see the grade and comment of your assignment in the Assignments directory. Each student will only see his own grade. No other people will have the access to a student’s grade unless the instructor.