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CS 662 - Computer Graphics Game Technologies - Spring'2007

Professor Jim X. Chen

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CS 662 Computer Graphics Game Technologies (4:3:1). Prerequisite: CS 652 or CS 451 with a grade of B or better. Topics include advanced graphics methods in modeling, rendering, and simulation for games. The objective of this course is to teach CS students about basic knowledge and skills for creating 3D interactive game effects. Students are expected to complete a term project and to make an in depth presentation on a topic related to a game engine.

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There are all together 100 points:

Your overall course score, S, will be the sum of these points.

Each assignment may not be accepted if it is not turned in on time. Therefore, you should plan on working early. If you cannot finish your assignment, you should turn in your partial work. You should come to meet me or my TA during the office hours.

If there is an accident or emergency and you let me know, I will consider it accordingly.

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You may form into study groups, most of size 3. You can meet with your study group and discuss all homework questions freely and frequently in your group. However, you must do your own programs, assignments, and project. In short, collaborate freely, acknowledge all help and sources, and do your own work.

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SYLLABUS: (tentative)

1. Introduction

2. Modeling and Rendering

3. Physically-based Modeling and Simulation

4. Fogs

5. Texture Mapping

6. Shadows

7. GPU Methods: efficiency, advanced mappings

8. Game Effects

9. Animation

10-13. Optional

14-15. Presentation

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