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IT/CS 852 - Graphical Real-time Simulation:
A Speical Topic on Virtual Reality - Spring 2004

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Professor Jim X. Chen
Office: ST2 Room 409
Office hour: Tuesday 9am-11am or by appt; e-mail all times
Phone: (703) 993-1720


CS/IT 852 is a 3-credit advanced graphics course with prerequisite CS451, CS 652, or IT 875. Topics include selections from physics-based modeling, real-time simulation, distributed interactive simulation, virtual reality, and current graphics software tools. This semester we focus on Virtual Reality technology.

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There are all together 100 points:

Your overall course score, S, will be the sum of these points.

Class participation is very important. Active participation will be rewarded with extra points toward your score S.

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SYLLABUS: (tentative, and notes will be available)

  1. Introduction
  2. Input Devices: trackers, navigation, and gesture interfaces
  3. Output Devices: graphics, 3D sound, and haptic displays
  4. Computing Architectures for VR
  5. Modeling Techniques: graphics libraries, geometric models, solid modeling, procedural modeling, fractals, particle systems, and physically-based modeling (Polyhedra)
  6. VR Methods and Programming: hardware, software, WorldToolKit, OpenInventor, VRML, Java3D (ScienceSpace, DEVISE, MUVEs)
  7. Human Factors in VR: performance, health and safety, VR and society
  8. Traditional VR Applications: medical applications, education, Arts, Entertaiment, and Military Applications
  9. Emerging Applications in VR
  10. Project discussions, presentations, and final summary

(Optional additional topics)

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Graphics related journals and magazines including:

Graphics related conference proceedings including: Some reference books of mine: Graphics tools and groups related sites: Back to Top of Page
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