Description:    The 3D Graphic Tools 5.5 software is not available on the net commercial software trade or Micro System Options company.
                              My reason for this situation that the†°źtechnology is growing so fast then the software become old version then we don't need that.
                              The develop of DirectX is same as 3D Graphic Tools version 5.5, but†°ź this more strong function available, good graphic display,
                              and more useful than the 3D graphic tools. Otherwise, 3D Graphic Tools is develop for Visual Basic†°źlanguage, and C++
                             language, but now the Visual Studio.NET including all available languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, Java , etc is
                             coming out†°ź including the 3D graphic tools, it is strong languages. So, we don't need to get the 3D Graphic Tools to support for 
                             those two languages. The main web page of Micro System Options is not available, but the following some linking URL and
                             information about this software can find following below. This is helpful for people who are using the old version of two languages
                            Visual Basic and visual C++.

 I.  Platforms, Price, and Company

II. Application

III. Examples/Samples

                      ( Not Available much for this time, please email contact to get more) 

IV.   Functions/Future

      3D Graphic Tools have many dimensional graphics functions providing:


 V. Web Resources