Minimal Reality (MR) Toolkit

1.      Platforms, Prices, and Company

      The current version of the MR Toolkit is callable from C, C++ and FORTRAN programs on PC, HP, SGI, DEC, and IBM RS6000 workstations.

      Some elements of MR Toolkit also run on Suns, Alphas, and other UNIX platforms.

      Available at no cost to licensed academic and research institutions, subject to the conditions.

      Computer Graphics Research Group; Department of CS at the University of Alberta, Canada:

2.      Applications

      Virtual Reality and 3D/2D User Interface Software Tool.

      It is a set of software tools for the production of virtual reality systems and other forms of 3D user interfaces.

      It consists of a set of subroutine libraries, device drivers, support programs, and a language for describing geometry and behavior. MR Toolkit provides a device independent and portable platform for the development of VR applications.


3.      Examples/Samples

      Virtual stroll through the University of Alberta campus:

      Virtual Walkthrough in Graphics lab (using MR Toolkit):

      Virtual Theme park:

4.      Web Resources

      Documentation can be found at:

      Citations on MR Toolkit:

      Feature Article: LEA - Volume 7, No. 4: