1.      Platform, Prices, Supplier/Creator

o          Windows, Irix, Linux

o          OpenWorlds Merchant : $495, OpenWorlds Horizon:free

o          OpenWorlds Inc. :


2.      Applications

o          OpenWorlds is an open X3D-compatible system which extends applications with immersive Web 3D graphics, multimedia, animation and VR capabilitie, including OpenWorlds Merchant , OpenWorlds Horizon and OpenWorlds AppKit

o          OpenWorlds Merchant is a suite of import libraries for reading in VRML 97 and X3D into various rendering libraries

o          OpenWorlds Horizon is  Web 3D and multimedia browsers (supporting VRML and X3D) with extensible node support Software Development Kit (SDK)

o          OpenWorlds AppKit  are C++ libraries that bring 3D graphics, animation, sound, and Web graphics support to new or legacy application


3.      Web Resources

o          Official website: