1.  Platforms, prices, and company

            Mail:          Olivier Brunet
                              27, avenue Foch
                              95240 Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France
            Email: 2.  Applications

      Panard Vision it's an attempt to develop a fast generic high quality 3D renderer, with support for the most common used rendering methods.
      The engine is intended to be used in everything which needs a fast high quality rendering. Panard Vision is at the cutting edge in realtime 3D algorithms.

3.  Examples/Samples

      Lizard Fire Studios:

      Other Examples: 4.  Features (Functionalities)

     Panard Vision is a realtime 3D Engine (with SDK) available on Dos, Linux, Win32 platforms with support of cutting edge algorithms and most
     hardware API(d3d, gl, glide).  It supports both hardware and software rendering.


      Support multiple non-recursive planar geometric mirrors
      On the fly texture coordinates generation
      Panard Primitives support (allows for GL like drawing of 2D and 3D primitives, supports for display lists )
      Procedural textures (hardware and software)
      Multiple coloured dynamic light sources (infinite, spot, parallel, directionnal, point, user defined)
      Support for animated textures
      Fine tunable collision detection (OBB)
      Switchable Nodes (allows to dynamically select a branch in the world graph, this can be used for Mesh LODs)
      Environment Mapping
      Static and pseudo dynamic lightmaps (soft or hard)
      Unreal-like volumetric FX
      Fast-Precise calculus using floats
      Extendable OO particle system
      Multithreaded Realtime Adptative Landscape Library
      Full featured math library (including quaternions functions)
      Support for spline curves/surfaces
      Support for mesh instancing, allowing for efficient memory usage
      Support convex polygons not only triangles
      Simple/Extensible API
      Support for user coded Special FX
      Support for user file formats
      Heavily optimized assembly code for x86 architectures
      Little animation engine with hierarchy.
      PanardVision has a built in 3DStudio 4 mesh and animation reader, but other drivers may be implemented. Drivers for Quake I&II's bsp are also included.
      No black box effect - every PV structures functions is documented/available.

      Software Rasterizer

      Flat shading
      Gouraud Shading
      Fake phong shading (currently only in non RGB modes)
      Bump Mapping
      Perspective Corrected mapping
      Bilinear Filtering
      Fine tunable ZBuffering (enable/disable on a material basis)
      Full sub-pixel/texel accuracy (no flicker, no gap in textures)
      Consistent rasterization
      SBuffering to reduce overdraw
      Paletized and RGB output modes
      Automatic handling of colors in paletized modes
      Fake/Fast 16 bits rendering
      True RGB rendering (15, 16, 24, 32 bits)
      Virtually every resolution
      Generic PRECISE rasterizer to develop custom filling routines
      Generic perspective span renderer to add perspective correction to custom fillers

      Visibility Engine

      Frustum clipping
      User definable clip planes
      User definable visibility pipeline (allowing for BSP, Portals, etc.)
      Infinite number of cameras
      Big mesh classification using octrees, allowing for fast rejection of a whole mesh or big parts of a mesh
      Indoor/outdoor suitable, efficient culling of out of screen meshes and part of meshes
      Advanced hierarchical culling/transformations, allowing for very efficient world rendering
      Built in support for portals


      Fog support
      Open API to use 3D Hardware
      Support for user made hardware drivers
      Built in OpenGL, Direct3D (5,6 and 7 (with hardware transform and lighting)) & 3DFX drivers(Voodoo,Voodoo2,Rush,Banshee).
      Support for all common and advanced hardware features (ZBuffer, Stencil buffer, Alpha Blending, Multitexturing, etc.)
      Customizable multitexture pipeline
      Detail texturing
      Real-time stencil based shadows

5.   Web Resources