1. Platform, Price, and Company


            R5000 or faster processor, For minimum software installation, 100MB of free disk space, For maximum software installation, 120MB of free disk space, 256MB RAM (512MB is recommended)            CD-ROM drive (if installing from a CD and to access the Tutorial data files, Graphics with double-buffer, 24-bit True Color support. CIP Engineer is currently supported on O2, Octane                  MXI/MXE, R10000 Indigo2 Max Impact, and Onyx 2 workstations., Three-button mouse, IRIX 6.5.5 or higher (with Netscape to view online documentation)


2. Applications

3. Examples/Samples


4. Functions/File Formats


        Now, with V3.0, Paraform further expands its offerings to include:   

        File Formats


5. Web Resources