CS426 Spring 2011: Game Programming 2: Final Projects

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Daunting Dungeons by Oily Interactive

Daunting Dungeons is a 16 player arena combat game. It combines a classic 2d graphic feel with a modern combat experience. The objective of the game is simple--kill or be killed.

Gravix by Adam Emery

Gravix is a 2D platformer for the OSX 10.6 and above. The goal of each level is simple, you must find your way to the end of each level through a maze of rooms. Each of these rooms will be filled with obstacles to navigate and puzzles to solve using your abilities to manipulate time and space.

Dragonfly by Sean Robinette and Jeremy Vatter

"Dragonfly" is the working title of a sci-fi Action-RPG that combines 2D retro arcade shooter gameplay with RPG-style character progression and dungeon crawling. The gameplay is essentially two-dimensional, but the graphics are rendered in 3D using an isometric perspective. The player controls a "Dragonfly" class hovercraft and must defeat vast hordes of foes using a variety of special abilities in combination with the vehicle's main weapon. The goal is to become more powerful through the experience and equipment systems, and to explore new environments and ultimately find and defeat the final boss.

Hex Snake by Denis Dobrovolskii

Main advantage in using hexagonal grid is ability to move the snake in six equdistant directions (as opposed to classic four) giving it much more fluidity.

Sewage Lines by Sean Fedak and Janna McLaughlin

Our game, Sewage Lines, is a game where the player connects "pipe cubes" together, racing against time to get from the starting position (the "start cube") through the plethora of houses and finally finishing at the ending position (the "end cube"). The "pipe cubes" are six-sided 3d cubes that represent sewage pipes. These cubes can be rotated clockwise, counter-clockwise, up, down, left and right!

Light Cycles: Legacy by Johnny Bouder

Take a spin on the old Grid as you battle against the increasing number of Light Cycles enemies. The simple user interface of the touch screen makes maneuvering the levels as simple as the slide of a finger. Enjoy this new spin off of a "Legacy" game on your Windows Phone 7.

Instructor: Jyh-Ming Lien, Computer Science, George Mason University