4/22/2009 – RA9 referred to figures in chapter 7 of the textbook (1st edition) rather than in chapter 8 (2nd edition). It is now fixed. Thanks to Jim for point it out.

3/12/2009 – The slides presented in the guest lecture on web services are now posted, and the slides for lecture 6 now include the introduction to SOAP.

2/22/2009 – Please note that RA5 covers material from the lectures on 2/26 and 3/05.

2/07/2009 – If you got confused by question 4 in RA3, a correction is now available. Thanks to Takiyah for pointing it out. You may turn in RA3 by Sunday 2/08 with no late penalty.

1/28/2009 – Please check the readings for tomorrow’s class: they have been updated.

1/20/2009 – If you plan to take this course, make sure to come to the first class on Thursday 1/22.

1/07/2009 – The current contents of these web pages reflect a previous offering of this course.
The pages will soon be updated for the Spring of 2009.
The textbooks are indicated in the Participation page.