This course provides hands-on training on the design and evaluation of interfaces between humans and computers.

The practical aspects of the course emphasize the usability of interfaces for the web and for smart phones.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

   Design interfaces outside-in, starting by developing a good understanding of human factors and work towards implementation.

   Compare and use a variety of interface design strategies.

   Apply guidelines and best-practices as appropriate for each specific case.

   Implement interfaces for the web and/or for Android platforms.

   Apply a range of evaluation techniques ranging from formative evaluation to empirical user studies.

Working knowledge of Java is required.  Ownership of an Android phone is not required, and training with the platform will be offered during the course.

Alternatively, students who are already iPhone developers and own an iPhone device may also participate in the course.

Here are some examples of interfaces produced by students in recent editions of this course:


(icon-based, map-based, and augmented reality)