Building, Testing, and Debugging Large Projects
Readings, Videos, and Slides

We have covered all of the basics of programming (and python) syntax and concepts. Now that we are familiar with classes, it is possible to build reusable components for large-scale systems. In future classes you will explore more details of classes, testing, and software construction, but at this point you have the general concepts to build all types of software.

Finally, you should work on Project 5; Assessment 9, will measure your ability to extend this project in a meaningful way. Having completed Project 5 will be essential for you to pass this assessment.
Sample Assessments

Sample assessment 9
Sample assessment 9 version 2
Sample assessment 9 version 3

Final Assessment

This assessment may have two parts: a live coding lab assessment (like you've been doing all semester), and a traditional written final. Here are study guidelines for both parts:

Assessment 10 live
taken in 50 minutes
This assessment is going to be very similar to assessments you've taken this semester; you'll have 50 minutes to complete a coding exercise. Unlike other assessments this semester, you will only have one chance at assessment 10; you do not have to retake the assessment to get a score of 70 or higher. On the flip side, whatever score you do get stays, so it's important to study for it and do well. This live coding portion of the final is worth 40% of the final, and therefore, 8% of your final grade in the course.

Make sure you study the coding assessments, especially assessments 4 and 5 in particular, for this final coding assessment.
Assessment 10 paper
taken in 120 minutes
This part of the assessment will be a traditional paper exam. It is strongly suggested that you review assessments 2, 6, and 8 (including not only the sample assessments, but also what you got wrong on your version of these assessments). You should also review assessments 4 and 5 in particular for this written final exam, and understand classes.

Below are some sample final questions:

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