Assessment 5: Inheritance, Abstract classes, and Interfaces

This assessment will measure your ability to: Instructions

This assessment is designed to be completed in fifty minutes or less.

You'll be modifying your classes from Project 1 in order to get them to work with the the [] with this assessment.The solutions should be similar to your own, however, they've been modified to NOT incorporate good object oriented design. Your goal in this assessment will be to apply your knowledge of correct class composition and modify the provided code to use good inheritance and object oriented design.

You'll need to do the following for this assessment:

Start by identifying the commonalities amongst the three classes above you're asked to modify; then, push these similarities up into the parent class (you should know which one this is from your project). Use the unit tests to guide you as to what belongs in the Modifiable interface and Tile class.

The Unknown class is a new class we've introduced for this assessment, that will guide you as to what modifications you'll need to make. You'll be using your own implementations of Direction, Force, and Map.

Submission Instructions

Upload all of your project files to Marmoset using the link to assessment5_sample. Make sure you click the correct link, as there are ten versions of this assessment, and your answers will only work for one of them.

See the instructions below to walk you through how to upload a file to Marmoset.

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