Assessment 6: Generics, Collections, and Exceptions

This assessment will measure your ability to: Instructions

This assessment is designed to be completed in fifty minutes or less.

You'll be modifying your classes from Project 3. In particular, you'll be replacing all arrays in your code with various classes that implement some of the interfaces in the Java Collections Framework, as well as extending some of your existing code.

You'll need to do the following for this assessment:

We will not have a sample assessment in the same way as we did for previous assessments; please refer to the bullets above and make sure you study those topics for the assessment itself.

As practice, download the and classes and practice rewriting the for loop with an iterator instead.

Submission Instructions

Upload all of your project files to Marmoset using the link to assessment6_sample. Make sure you click the correct link, as there are ten versions of this assessment, and your answers will only work for one of them.

See the instructions below to walk you through how to upload a file to Marmoset.

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