SWE 205 Homework 1
Spring 2014
Usability Problem : Due 1/29

It is easy to make things hard. It is hard to make things easy.
- A. Chapanis, 1982

Your first homework is simple: Sometime in the next week, find a simple usability problem (UP) in your daily life. The UP could be software on your computer, something on the web, or something in real life ... your home, clothes, road signs, phone, whatever. Only one restriction: You can't use an example we've already mentioned in class or on Piazza.

Submit a short (less than a page) description of the UP. Explain the problem, describe how it affects you, and discuss a possible solution. If appropriate and possible, bring a picture or example to class. You can bring hard copies to class or post on Piazza under the appropriate thread.

Be prepared to explain your example to the class.

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