SWE 205 Homework 7
Spring 2014
Usability Problem : Due 4/21

In this assignment, you will redesign the user interface of the Capital Rowing Club website that we discussed in class a couple of weeks ago. You may use the discussion board thread regarding the problems we found with that website to help you.

You will have two weeks to complete this assignment; during the first week, you should form teams of two people in class and discuss the changes that need to be made on the website. By the end of the second week, you should have a redesign of the website, either as a mock-up (made with something like Photoshop or Powerpoint), or as HTML. The website does not have to be functional (i.e. the links can all be broken), and you only have to redo the home page. However, we should be able to see the reorganization. You will probably want to have several images to show the results of a flyout or dropdown menu, for example, if you're not using HTML.

You will be graded on the usability of your final result.

Submit your assignments on Piazza. If you have an html file, upload a the file (so it becomes a link we can click on)

Be prepared to explain your solutions to the class.